Tennis and technology… what are some of the advancements?

Wimbledon: Using Analytics to Measure Athleticism at the Tennis


It's the deepest look ever at the purely physical dimension of the game, enriching the fan's (and coaches and officials) knowledge of the science of tennis. Here's a video that shows how the technology works: YouTube Preview

Has New Tennis Technology Hurt The Game?

On this week’s Tennis Now Point/Counterpoint show, James Waterson speaks with Master Racquet Technician Liem Thai on the subject of new racquet and string technology in pro tennis. James argues that the bygone era of wooden racquets and mutlifilament…

What do you think is the most revolutionary tennis technology (if any


First there was wood. Then came metal. The advent of the oversize racket followed. Graphite and the blending of composite materials came next. All of these wer…